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The flooring is adding to the room’s character by leading the eye to where we want it to be led. Geometric patterns can give a certain style to a room. The lines the colors as well as the continuous pattern can catch the eye. Here we brought together ten geometric floor tiles ideas to get inspired and create unique flooring in your home.【Get Price】

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One of the most important tips for maximising tile-mixing prowess is to create balance by choosing one small-scale pattern and one large. In this bathroom three different tile types are combined successfully: tiny hex mosaics on the bath and walls medium hexagonal tiles on the basin surround and large oblong tiles on the floor. The monochrome 【Get Price】

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Also known as a running bond this common brickwork pattern has each tile start at the center of the tile below it. This is a clean and classic layout for subway tiles on walls and floors. Brick-look tiles in this layout create an industrial vibe in your space. This pattern also flatters handmade-look tiles while adding authenticity.【Get Price】

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Laying patterns are templates and designs for the arrangement of our planks and tiles on your floor. They provide a quick and easy way to create inspiring and stylish floors that enhance and define your individual space.【Get Price】

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Not quite free at $1.99 this planner claims to allow various tile patterns adjustable grout spacing and flexible floor plans so that you can design your layout and decide all the details then it will email a report to you detailing how many tiles of the various sizes you will need to recreate it on your own floor.【Get Price】

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A tiled throw rug made with beautiful carpet could give your room that modular floor tile design without having to cover the entire area and commit to too much of a change.{found on merkelhome}. 7. Contemporary Floor Pattern Design on Center.【Get Price】

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For decoration choose tiles with imitation of leather wood or stone floors. Geometric ornaments made of bright tiles of 2-3 shades look stylish. Flooring trends include large patterns. You can choose ready-made solutions or create designs using tiles of several colors. For living spaces select wood look tiles – this will make a cozier 【Get Price】

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One great kitchen tile pattern is the monochromatic design; being monochromatic means that you generally choose a color scheme that is made of very similar colors. A monochromatic look can bring a dramatic effect on your kitchen floor since there is a use for tiles of different sizes and diverse materials to bring out the beauty of the tiles.【Get Price】

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Also using rectangular tiles the basket weave pattern has two tiles laid next to each other to form a square. The following pair of tiles are laid at 90 degrees to the first and so on. The horizontal and vertical tiles then alternate on following rows. This gives the impression that the tiles are woven over and under each other like a basket.【Get Price】

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Octagon Dot Octagon Dot is another classic layout often seen on floors using Victorian Floor tiles. This pattern is versatile and works well in kitchens hallways and paths. Opt for a simple monochrome style or mix up the colours by adding a drop in tile in another shade.【Get Price】

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Rather than doing a grid or straight tile pattern offset your tiles in a running bond design. It's another classic floor tile design that's easy to lay but it creates a little more visual 【Get Price】

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The most traditional tile laying pattern and reminiscent of its Victoriana heritage the 50:50 brick bond is suitable for tiles under 30x60cm. When tiling in a brick bond pattern we recommend allowing 10% extra for cuts and breakages.【Get Price】

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The most common and easiest tile layout laying tiles in a grid is very simple. Setting your tiles square with a corner will minimize the number of cuts needed. Unfortunately this pattern can look boring or sterile when used with a plain neutral tile. Try incorporating stripes or color blocking to create interest. Consider a checkerboard 【Get Price】

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Tile and Paver Layout Patterns - Inch Calculator See 10 beautiful tile and paver patio layout patterns that you can use to enhance your installation including running bond herringbone and basket weave. French Country Bathroom Tile Bathroom Black Interior Doors Flooring Wall Tiles Merola Tile Porcelain Flooring Kitchen Flooring Wood Look Tile【Get Price】

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Mosaic tiles give you a chance to flex your creative interior design muscles since it comes in so many different shapes sizes colors styles and even materials. “Mosaic tiles work best on wall applications when an accent is needed. I recommend using them sparingly” Morgan says. She also notes that depending on the type of tile you choose mosaic can look dated quickly. Keep that in 【Get Price】

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These metal artistic design tiles can bring a texture perfect for modern backsplashes bathrooms or even fireplaces. This type of material often uses in conjunction with another type of tiles. 10. Cement-Bodied Tile. Cement-bodied tile is a good choice for any area that has a lot of wear and tear such as a kitchen or bath. This tile is tough 【Get Price】

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These percentages will also allow for coverage needed due to centering of the layout. Modular patterns if laid according to this guide will have a solid grout frame every three feet. Each diagram represents nine square feet. A dark outline on the pattern indicates where tiles begin to repeat【Get Price】

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The printing techniques used on these tiles are quite sophisticated allowing manufacturers to achieve bright striking or complex hues and patterns that can completely transform the look of a room. In this picture the tiles have been printed with a symmetrical four-sided design that intersects at the center when each piece is properly 【Get Price】

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The most common way of laying out square or rectangular floor tiles is in a simple grid pattern where the edge of the grid lines up to the walls. Depending on the size of your tiles and the room this can be a very cost effective and easy to apply layout as there may be no need to cut tiles or have any wastage.【Get Price】

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The 45 degree herringbone pattern takes the simpler 90 degree herringbone pattern up a notch where you make sure the tiles are angled 45 degrees to the surface your tiling. The “vertical” variation of this pattern ensures the pattern points upwards (for a wall) in into a room for a floor. The horizontal variation flips this around with the direction of the pattern pointing along a wall 【Get Price】

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Because it is the most well-known of all classic floor tile patterns it is typically used for adding vintage style to floors in living rooms entryways mud rooms and hallways. In kitchens and bathrooms you may want to use it on the floor wall or both. Although it is usually used for a retro look this pattern can be quite sharp when used in contemporary style spaces too.【Get Price】