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To get a good smooth shiny finish, you need to clean, clean and then clean again. Using finer and finer sand paper as you go before the finish is important. Once it is sanded, then tack cloth clean and apply the first stain coat. Once dry, a light sanding again then clean and tack cloth.【Get Price】

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With an electric hand planer, make short, deep, random passes over the surface of the board, always going with the grain. Instead of the smooth, long motion you’d normally use with a planer, think of it as “scooping up” the wood with every pass. Make sure to go all the way to the edges of the board.【Get Price】

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Imperfections in the subfloor will transfer to the finished floor in the form of dips, humps, or separated edges. They can be a dangerous tripping hazard and make the finished floor look bad. Uneven hardwood floor. Just as a house needs a level foundation, so does a quality hardwood floor. 2. Hardwood Floors Install Faster【Get Price】

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In order to minimize these, sand the wood until it is smooth. Sandpaper’s roughness is measured in grits, the term used to describe the rough granules that make up the sandpaper. The higher the grit number, the finer the sandpaper. In order to get a smooth wood finish, you’ll want to start with a low grit, like 80 or 100. This will leave 【Get Price】

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The finish is best applied to bare wood that is sanded smooth. Don’t sand any smoother than a 220 grit sandpaper, or the finish won’t soak in as well. You can use an old T-shirt or wiping rag to apply the finish once the surface is clean of any dust. Simply dip the rag in the mixture and apply it VERY liberally to the surface. I try to flood the surface, especially on the first couple 【Get Price】

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There’s another advantage you need to know when learning how to sand hardwood floors: Every time you sand a floor down to bare wood, you remove some of the wood. A solid wood floor can be sanded several times before that’s a problem. But laminated floors (glue-down or floating floors) have only a thin layer of good-looking wood veneer over a plywood-like base. The veneer can be sanded once 【Get Price】

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Knowing how to stain and seal a hardwood floor properly pays off in having a beautiful finish and enduring protection. Staining and sealing hardwood floors the right way — whether you’re refinishing, refurbishing, or stripping the wood floor — results in years of enjoyment.【Get Price】

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Cleaning wood floors with water can be done, but you must take great care in making sure that no water is left behind on your floors, or they could warp. The same can be said for wood laminate floors as well. Harsh chemical cleaners can cause laminate to discolor and can even wear away the top layer of the laminate. Water can cause warping and buckling in laminate floors too. You can easily 【Get Price】

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Test the smoothness of the wood by rubbing a nylon stocking across the surface. If the stocking catches, the wood needs further sanding. If you are sanding a wooden surface that features wood grain traveling in multiple directions, such as in inlaid wooden items, lay a strip of tape over the edge of the area of wood you are sanding. The tape 【Get Price】

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Trim, cabinets, woodwork, these all need smooth paint without brush marks and globs of paint scattered throughout. Follow these tips and you can get beautiful results. 1. Prep the Wood. Sand any bare wood to 120-grit and no finer. This will give the primer good “tooth” to hold on and create the right base to start with. A good paint job is 【Get Price】

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To hardwood floors, start by removing any carpeting that's covering the floor, if needed. When the bare wood is exposed, sand the entire surface of the floor with an orbital sander 3 times, starting with 30-grit sandpaper and working your way up to 100-grit. Then, vacuum up the sanding dust thoroughly, mop the floor, and wipe it down with mineral spirits to prepare it for the stain 【Get Price】

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Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner. With our homemade wood floor cleaner You can use warm water and a mop to clean your floors daily. If your wood floor is filthy, you can use this recipe to get it clean. This formula does double duty as it polishes your floor, leaving them with a beautiful natural sheen.【Get Price】

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A lot of folks make the mistake of sanding to either too fine of a grit or not fine enough before applying stain. Too fine and the wood won’t be able to accept the stain. Too rough and the wood will be very dark almost to the point of being black. So, what’s the right grit? Generally speaking, for woods like oak and pine, I don’t like to 【Get Price】

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Empty the room of furniture, take the doors off the hinges, clean the floor with a product specifically designed for hardwood floors, and ensure the floors are clean of dust and grime. This way, the revitalizer can really get into all the pores and scratches without particles in the way that might prevent it from bonding or give the floor a weird texture. Allow the floor to dry.【Get Price】

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We've just paid someone to sand our white painted pine wooden floors back to the original wood, he put the varnish on yesterday and they're quite rou【Get Price】

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In a spot with normal foot traffic, place a drop of water on the floor. If the water is quickly absorbed or causes spotting on the finish, this indicates the hardwood has been not been sealed and should never be cleaned with water. But if the bead of water just sits on the surface without being absorbed, it means the hardwood has been sealed.【Get Price】

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Apply a good quality wood grain filler and allow to dry. Sand plywood lightly again with 220 grit sandpaper. Using a high quality floor finish polyurethane, apply light coats with a foam brush and allow to dry. Sand polyurethane coat with 220 grit sandpaper and wipe clean.【Get Price】

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I was wondering how you dealt with the herringbone floors, we have his and wood tiles in our house (1966) and the rental company got all fidgety, told us to get about 3 to 4 different machines for each floor and started barking we should def just hire their specialist. Because apparently it’s impossible to DIY and drum sanders turn into lose horses as soon as you turn them on on these floors….【Get Price】

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Use a pry bar to pull up hardwood floors one section at a time, or unfasten carpet or laminate and roll it up from one end. This will expose the subfloor underneath, which is where most leveling problems lie. You can leave linoleum or sheet vinyl in place if it’s difficult to remove or if removal would damage the sub-floor.【Get Price】