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Deer Fencers understands that protecting a property from deer damage often involves multiple strategies. Traditional Deer Fence, Decorative Fence elements, Driveway gates and Grates are always the best way to go. However, they may not always be practical or even possible. Zoning regulations and aesthetics may dictate different approaches.【Get Price】

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Benner's deer net fencing is strong and built to weather many years in the elements. Being a mesh fence, it is virtually invisible even 20 feet away. It blends into the surroundings so well that, your wonderful view of your garden will not be hampered. Benner's deer net fencing offers a humane way to ward off those unwelcomed guests in your garden.【Get Price】

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Benner Deer Fence has the best deer fencing, Heavy duty metal deer fence, plastic and polypropylene deer fence supplies and materials to protect your garden, plants, hemp, and vegetable gardens. Many of our deer fence materials make great dog, cat and pet fences. Heavy duty plastic elk fence can keep elk, hogs, and bear out of your property.【Get Price】

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The Benner Deer Fence Company. 1204 State Street, Mertztown, PA 19539 (610) 603-6484 Hours. Mon 9am to 8pm. Tue 9am to 8pm. Wed 9am 【Get Price】

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The Heavy Duty Deer Fence has a 650/lb. breaking strength per square foot to add increased protection to gardens where deer pressure may be more intense. This deer fence is rated to last 15 years. Our top of the line Benner poly fence is called Extra Strength Deer Fence, and it is one of the strongest poly deer fence available.【Get Price】

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The Benner Deer Fence Company. 1204 State Street, Mertztown, PA 19539 (610) 603-6484 Hours. Mon 9am to 8pm. Tue 9am to 8pm. Wed 9am 【Get Price】

Deer Fence Details - Benner's Gardens

Benner's Deer Fencing Details. Benner's Deer Fencing is a high-strength, wire fence-like mesh (1.75 inch) material constructed of UV stable black polypropylene plastic. This deer fence comes in rolls that are 7 ½' feet high, and it is cost-effective, easy to install, and provides long-term deer protection without changing the apprearance of the property.【Get Price】

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Garden Deer Fence Information - Benner's Gardens . Benner's Deer Fence has been a leader in deer control fencing for over 15 years. We have helped thousands of professionals and home owners protect their yards and gardens from damage caused by deer. Benner's Deer Fence is used for small gardens as well as large estates.【Get Price】

Benner's Garden - Deer Fence | The Wireless Deer Fence

Benner’s Gardens deer mesh is not wireless — the wires are just made of plastic!! Benner’s Gardens plastic deer mesh is like any other deer mesh (See Chart Below). THE REAL WIRELESS DEER FENCE® DEER REPELLENT. The real Wireless Deer Fence® deer repellent is a totally unique training system for controlling deer.【Get Price】

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Benner’s deer fence kits include all the components you need to install a complete deer fencing system. Our fencing kits for deer are inexpensive, easy to construct, and easy to maintain. All our kits include Benner’s Advantage Fencing, which has been the leading poly fence nationwide since we developed it 25 years ago.【Get Price】