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With the advent of composite decking, being hailed by some as a better alternative to wood decking, has it addressed the issue of deckings being slippery? Is composite decking anti-slip? There are some composite decking products that are designed to reduce slipping. However, there’s still no 100% anti-slip composite decking.【Get Price】

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Whether your deck is made of natural wood or composite decking material, each can be just as slippery as the other under the conditions described above. While composite decks are built to last longer than natural wood decks, their surfaces aren’t impervious to mold and moss and the slipperiness that comes with them.【Get Price】

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Algae will not grow on composite materials, but pollen, leaves and other yard debris may cause mold or mildew, particularly if trees are near. Wood is more likely to have smooth spots created by wear; such spots may be slippery when wet. Most brands of composite decking have textured finishes to make them slip-resistant.【Get Price】

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Easy cleaning with soap water or just water is enough. And composite decking doesn’t need to be waxed, painted, or sanded, which is also a great method to low the risk of being slippery. Non-slippery timber composite decking can stay safe all year round. This is the reason why composite decking can be widely applied in various occasions 【Get Price】

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All types of decking will get slippery when icy, but composite decking seems to worsen in winter than natural wood. Make sure to shovel off the snow on your deck and avoid letting it accumulate. You don’t have to run out during a snowstorm and shovel it off as it lands, but head out the next morning and remove the snow from the deck.【Get Price】

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The 2012 Seven Trust Installation Guide addresses the issue of a slippery composite decking surface in the following manner. “If there is an ADA requirement for slip resistance, an appropriate type of paint with grit or grit additive can be applied. For standard Seven Trust decking products, a product like Benjamin Moore®***** Anti-Slip 116 (note this is 【Get Price】

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That being said let’s get back to discussing how slippery composite decking is when wet. When comparing our list of composite decking as a whole, composite decking is more slippery than wood decking. With a majority rating below the 0.5 ratings for traction when wet and some even failing when dry.【Get Price】

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Fix slippery composite and conglomerate decking. Composite and conglomerate decking are popular for their aesthetic benefits and low maintenance, but they can be incredibly slippery – especially when wet! SlipDoctors has the perfect non-slip solution for these types of decking – increase grip and avoid accidents today. 【Get Price】

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How to Ensure that Your Composite Decking Is Less Slippery. Note that composite decking is unlike wood decking because it does not become slippery easily. Composite decking has an anti-slip or non-slip surface that makes you stay standing even when it is wet. This gives plastic wood decking an advantage over other decking materials.【Get Price】