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Laminate Flooring into a curved Bay? If not how about cutting the laminate to 5mm away and then filling with a large bead of sealant? A cheap and cheerful 'laminate' floor will look like a 【Get Price】

How to Cut Laminate Flooring: 6 Steps (with Pictures

To cut laminate flooring, measure and mark the laminate's surface so you know where to cut, then use a circular saw or a handsaw with at least 18 teeth per inch to make straight cuts. If you need to make curved cuts, create a paper pattern first and place the pattern over the laminate to ensure accuracy when you're cutting.【Get Price】

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The Best Way to Cut Laminate Flooring. Laminate flooring is layered like plywood, and the top layer usually consists of a coating of hard plastic. This coating chips easily, so you need to cut 【Get Price】

Cutting Laminate Flooring – A Step By Step Guide

2 – Prepare to Cut. You’ll need to decide the tools of your choice when cutting your laminate. Chop saws and circular saws are ideal for cutting neat, straight line, perfect for cutting a laminate. Trickier areas, such as around radiator pipes or curved objects will require a little more precision.【Get Price】

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As a DIY project, laminate flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to install, but it's not the easiest material to cut. You can, of course, cut laminate flooring with a table saw, circular saw or jigsaw, just as you do solid wood flooring, but the results can be disastrous if you don't take the time to do it right.【Get Price】

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How to Cut Flooring Around Curved Walls. Cutting flooring to match a curve can be painstaking, and the signature of an expert floor installer is evident in transitions to curved and irregular 【Get Price】

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Here is an easy trick for how to install hardwood flooring or laminate floor around curved walls. Enjoy watching and you'll do it yourself! Previous MrYoucan【Get Price】

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As a flooring installer, I’ve had to use both methods. For wide boards, I use a jigsaw and a router to cut the shape; for decorative accents, I laminate thinner strips. On jobs like the one shown here, I use both methods. I cut, trim, and install the wider pieces, then use them as forms for the decorative laminations.【Get Price】

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How to Make Curved Cuts in Laminate Flooring. If you have to install laminate around a toilet or any other rounded object, a jigsaw is the perfect tool to have. The steps are almost the same as cutting straight, with two main differences: you can’t use a guide, but you can make a paper template.【Get Price】

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This video is about Cutting curves in timber laminate floorboards. I have a round fireplace and I needed to work out how to cut the floorboards so they fit a【Get Price】