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I have Artificial grass laid directly onto my decking but have recently had problems with some of the decking boards rotting. the rot had actually caused rot on one of the joists as well. I have replaced the rotted decking and repaired the joist and treated the whole deck area with a lignum fungicide treatment.【Get Price】

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Posted September 4 2017 by Katie Walker. Covering your tired decking with Artificial Grass is a perfect simple and effective way of brightening up your outdoor space. Not only will it transform the look of the garden it will also provide you with a soft dry and usable space which can be enjoyed by the whole family.【Get Price】

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Artificial grass can absolutely be installed on top of decking – with a few conditions. As an artificial grass specialist this is something I get asked about a lot. That’s why I’m going to take a moment to explain everything you need to know when getting artificial grass installed on top of your decking.【Get Price】

Artificial Grass and Timber decking: The perfect pair

The timber decking creates an inviting entrance into the garden while the artificial grass makes room for the kids to play soccer or just to sprawl out and relax in this miniature oasis. Blending textures with artificial grass and timber decking.【Get Price】

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If your garden decking is starting to look a bit tired or worn out consider laying artificial grass. Synthetic turf can be installed on decking without the risk of rotting boards or poor drainage.【Get Price】

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The actual process of laying artificial grass on decking is ridiculously simple but the nature of your decking can jeopardise your efforts and compromise your hard work. We are talking about gaps – the traditional gaps that almost all decks have between their boards.【Get Price】

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Ensure that you cut the grass neatly to the edges of the decking. Step 5: To make the joins use a high-quality outdoor tape and glue. Follow the instructions on the products. For decking you can use a combination of adhesive and carpet tacks to fix the grass down. Artificial grass is perfect for laying over decking.【Get Price】

Installing Artificial Grass On Your Deck

Why Use Artificial Grass? There are lots of reasons why you would use artificial grass on your deck. Think about your deck as it looks now. Does the wood look faded and worn? Usually your best bet to getting it looking good again is to spend time sanding it down and retreating the planks to get it looking new again.【Get Price】

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Adding Artificial Grass to the Deck. I was able to order the artificial turf in one giant piece and have it delivered as a giant rug. It arrived 22 x 15… aka the world’s largest area rug. And the sucker was heavy too. But once we got it up the stairs and all rolled out I knew we made the right decision.【Get Price】

The Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass On Your Deck

With artificial grass on your deck you can say goodbye to splinters. And to slimy surfaces mold and mildew that can develop on wet wood. Fake grass drains and dries quickly. Pool Decks. Another deck that can benefit from artificial grass is the one surrounding your pool. Whereas slipping on wet concrete is a major concern with most pool 【Get Price】